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Blogging about "Survival," nostalgia_lj comes to the matter of the infamous animatronic cat...

So he runs about chasing cats to try and get teleported to where she is. Because they are teleportation cats. That's probably symbolic in some way. Yes, Doctor, chase the fakest cat, it's the most likely to be a special effect.

Context doesn't buy pet food from comedy shopkeepers.
Being a linear thinker in Doctor Who is akin to donning a raw sirloin bikini and jumping into piranha infested waters.

Context is discovering how far the snake pit rabbit hole goes, with the help of a few native guides.

Crossposted to metaquotes (the first comment seems to be taking the analogy a liiiiittle too literally...)
17 April 2009 @ 00:15
versaphile says it like it is (from a flocked post, posted with permission):

"Any Doctor/Master post-Delgado has to accommodate the fact that these two have killed each other, have no concept of a safe word, and have enough issues to sink several Titanics and still be hashing it out in the lifeboat."
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09 September 2008 @ 18:10
A recent post to dwcanon_fodder asks about the origins of Davros' name, and youngwilliam puts forth an interesting theory.

Davros: (getting all shouty) And soon, the universe shall tremble when they hear the name LENNY DAVROS GOLDFARB!!
General Wossname: Have you ever thought of just going by one name? Sort of like Cher?
Davros: I don't know, Cher doesn't really strike fear in the hearts of men.
General Wossname: No no no. Like Cher.
Davros: So I should go by Goldfarb?
General Wossname: I was thinking your middle name, myself.
Davros: Well, it was my uncle's name. And it'd make getting my towels monogrammed cheaper.
General Wossname: See! That works. Now about your Project Bumpybots...

Context is quite terrified of Cher, actually.
seriousfic contemplates the prospect of Doctor Who porn:
    British porn? I think we know what that would be like...

    Martha: You know Doctor, we could be having sexual intercourse right now...

    Doctor: Yes, but let's not.



    Luke: Mom, if you starred in an American MILF hunter film, you'd... you'd tell me, right?

    Sarah-Jane: ...why of course, sweetie.
Context is a bit self-indulgent. ;)
guiltysecret79 posted on doctorwho about her son bringing his Sonic Screwdriver toy to school:
    "So you're going to play at being the Doctor with your friends?" I asked.

    "Oh no mum, we're not playing. There's monsters digging tunnels under the school and we have to stop them," he replied, deadly serious. "Lila's going to help me. She's got red hair so she's going to be in charge like Donna."

    Nice to see a youngster understanding the fundamental order of things, isn't it. *giggle*
It's a far cry removed from my own childhood memories of playing Doctor Who, when even a feminist role model like Sarah Jane was The Girl Who Needed To Be Rescued. :)
24 May 2008 @ 23:17

I was chatting with my fellow Doctor Who fan, finmagik when, out of nowhere, she comes out with this:

[19:20] finmagik2: But anyways which Doctor would you lick chocolate off of?

She does this all the time.

I love my friends! ^_^
23 May 2008 @ 20:15
Thanks to a couple recent rare ships posts on who_otp the last day or so has been filled with Unexpected Turlough on LJ. pontisbright cheerfully points this out, and the following comments ensue:

anne_asta: "We need more Inadvertant Turlough Days."
pontisbright: "Every day is Turlough Day. I make an effort to ineffectually hit someone with a rock at 9 on the dot each morning."

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11 May 2008 @ 15:34
fallen_iceangel's reaction post shows that DW has the power to turn us all into 5 year olds again.Collapse )